Heitman US Real Estate Securities Fund

Fund Overview

Heitman US Real Estate Securities Fund seeks to provide an efficient means to invest in real estate in the US. We utilize an investment process that combines our direct real estate knowledge with our public equities experience to identify mispriced securities. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in the equity securities of Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) and real estate-related companies trading on US stock exchanges.

Our investment process is focused around the following philosophy:

  • REIT share prices track the value of the underlying assets over time.
  • Over the short-term, a variety of factors can cause share prices to deviate from their fundamental value.
  • Thorough company and industry underwriting and superior access to information should uncover market price inefficiencies.

The goal of our investment process is to consistently produce long-term total returns that are superior to established industry performance benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis and which are consistent with the investment goals of our clients. Alpha is achieved primarily through bottom-up research while using our analysis of the macro environment and capital markets in an attempt to manage risk at the portfolio level.

Our rigorous risk management and portfolio construction process is such that we seek to outperform in most market environments by minimizing risk to factors outside of stock selection.

Why Invest in the Heitman US Real Estate Securities Fund

We believe the combination of the following factors allows for the potential creation of superior alpha and helps differentiate us from other real estate securities managers:

  • True bottom-up information advantage: Heitman is a real estate investment management company that invests globally in three areas: direct property ownership, public real estate securities, and real estate debt. Having investment professionals around the globe working side-by-side gives the securities team fundamental insight and industry contacts, distinguishing us from other equity managers. These complementary businesses allow for an information exchange that helps us stay abreast of changing conditions in all areas of real estate. We then use this proprietary information to create and manage innovative strategies, with the intent to seek superior risk-adjusted performance for our investors.
  • Team approach with an aligned ownership structure: Heitman’s investment portfolios are managed by an investment team comprised of senior portfolio managers supported by assistant portfolio managers and security analysts. This team system promotes higher-quality decision making, as pros and cons of various opportunities are debated, decreasing the likelihood of individual bias. We believe that by broadening the decision making process, we broaden the information used with the goal to create superior performance for our clients. Further, as an employee owned and controlled firm, Heitman’s interests are always aligned with delivering the best investment performance to the clients.

Fund Facts

Fund Type

U.S. Mutual Funds




81752t 742, 81752t 734

Inception Date

December 29, 2017